How to create a Mini Session Invitation & Booking Page

This is a detailed overview of how to setup invitations and booking pages within sprout to share with an unknown audience, i.e. not a specific lead, but perhaps sent to a mailing list or just embedded in your website.

  • Create your Contract (not covered in this video)

  • Create your Questionnaire (not covered in this video)

  • Create your Payment Schedule (not covered in this video)

  • Create your Price lists, Packages, Products and Services (not covered in this video)

  • Setup an invitation – which is your availability

  • Setup a Booking Page – which will include, if you desire, your contract, questionnaire

  • Embed or send the Booking Page to your clients (not covered in this video)

Published On: March 24th, 2021 / Categories: Sprout Studio Tutorials, Tutorials, Video /