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Our IT Management services will help you revamp your IT environment to make it go in hand with your business needs. We’ve more than 20-years experience in IT.

We can listen to your problems and turn what you think are complex issues into simple, effective solutions. Our collaborative and transparent approach to consulting means you will always be one step ahead of your competition.

We analyze your business needs and help you make strategic decisions to enable fast and successful implementations of business-critical solutions.

Email Setup. Security. Migration.

Email Migration is a process in which an email or multiple email messages are migrated from one email client to another email client. An equivalent term is Mailbox Migration, in which case records such as e-mails, appointments, contacts or tasks may also be migrated.

Email security is a term for describing different procedures and techniques for protecting email accounts, content, and communication against unauthorized access, loss or compromise. Email is often used to spread malware, spam and phishing attacks

Email setup is the process of configuring domains, setting the DNS, adding the SPF, DKIM & DMARC records and configuring your email client (Outlook, Mail).


RedShaw Consulting offers a variety of services from information security consulting to assessing, testing and improving the protection of web applications and networks for companies operating in healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, telecommunications, and other industries.

We have a very personal approach to each customer based on best practices, enriched by our own experience.

We offer our customers a variety of cybersecurity services to:

  • Significantly reduce the number of security weaknesses in web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as in our clients’ networks.
  • Ensure their constant compliance with appropriate regulations and standards (PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA).

SPF, DKIM & DMARC Configuration

Setting up an SPF record helps to prevent malicious persons from using your domain to send unauthorized (malicious) emails, also called email spoofing.
DKIM lets you add a digital signature to outbound email messages in the message header.
DMARC makes it easier for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to prevent malicious email practices, such as domain spoofing in order to phish for recipients’ personal information.

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